Customer case study

Development of central platform

  • High Availability LAMP architecture using soft and hard technologies (LVS, DRBD, RAID1, RAID5)
  • Central site developed on PHP, MySQL database.
  • Linux release CentOS, Apache web server.
  • Files formats conversion systems (PDF, TIFF).
  • OCR engine tuning + File indexing and search toools implementation
  • Industrialization and hardening tests (IE/Chrome/FireFox /Safari).

Fax servers development

  • Linux release Debian, CPP, MIBS and SNMP daemons, FTPS protocol implementation, SSL certificate based access securization
  • Files transmission daemon, T30 and CCITT T4/T6 protocols integration.
  • File queue manager and telecom resources optimizer.

Mobile applications, desktop agents and priter driver development

  • Cross platform (Linux, Windows, Mac) desktop agent development using Qt
  • Windos signed printer driver
  • Cross Platform (iOS, Android, Windows, BB) complex Mobile Application that is implementing many functions of the smartphone : email, camera, share, File storage..

Development of clients and network management (CC and NOC)

  • Set-up of OpenNMS and RT platforms.
  • Implementation supervison tools Nagios and Cacti