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Your methodology, our logistics

Offer to IT Professionals (IT services, IT departments in Corporate Companies…)

  • Use our offshore platform in order to realize there your developments, technical support and TMA contracts … with the lowest cost.
  • Benefit from dedicated and qualified staff teleworking for you in an environment ideal for your projects success without having any logistical cares (offices, PCs, Internet, local framing, salary motivation included).

A transparent approach: «dedicated teleworkers»

  • We implement your internal methods, tools, processes as they are and we don’t try to impose ours.
  • A dedicated Popshore Project Manager is your everyday operational interlocutor. He manages a team which size is chosen by you and works exclusively on your project. He communicates and relays the orders received from your Manager.*

* In our standard offer, the company subcontracting the development at Popshore is in charge for the overall project management and for the End Customer Relation management

Human resources: competences and flexibility

  • The Popshore engineers have a high education level, post-graduated in Sciences and IT (2000 new engineers graduate each year in Moldova, a half of them are specialized in electronics and IT).
  • The work language is English.
  • A difficult economical situation that makes employment flexible and facilitates the recruitment for the international companies.

A work environment optimized to focus on your projects

  • Powerful PCs, high-speed internet access, Printers, scanners, DVD gravers…
  • Comfortable workplaces, motivating salaries.
  • A permanent recruitment methodology allows to reinforce the teams on request.