Human resources

Highly educated and skilled consultants

  • The Popshore consultants have a high education level, and post-graduated in Economics or Applied Foreign Languages.
  • The staff dealing with tasks where higher level accounting skills are necessary has in addition attended one or more bookkeeping and accounting trainings courses at the IFRS standards that is going to generalize throughout the majority of Eastern European countries.
  • Our consultants speak fluently French and/or English besides Romanian and Russian which are their native languages.
    • At your request we can assign to your project German-speaker resources

An important reserve of resources

  • 7000 students graduate each year in Economics or Foreign Languages.
  • A difficult economical situation that makes employment flexible and facilitates the recruitment for the international companies.

A human resources policy in order to capitalize the know-how

  • In order to continuously increase the know-how and avoid the turn-over, our company pursues an active policy of human resources by implementing:
    • European standards work environment (workplaces, information technology)
    • Salaries level superior to the local enterprises.
    • Permanent recruitment methodology.