Popshore carries out your administrative and accounting processing work

  • We take over your internal processes as they are and we don’t try to impose ours.
  • Data processing is done at a distance but with your tools, in your data bases.
  • A dedicated Popshore Project Manager is your everyday operational interlocutor. He manages a team which size is chosen by you and works exclusively on your project.
  • The Popshore staff qualification and training level allows them to assume the level of autonomy that you wish them to have (exceptions processing…)

A set-up consulting offer using well-proofed methodology

  • If your processes to be outsourced must be defined with more details before being transferred to our teams, POPESCO team of consultants experienced on this subject offers to formalize these elements for you, at your demand.
  • We have negotiated solutions with our partner SPRING (TNT subsidiary) for the secured collecting and transporting of your documents to our platform.
  • Based on your formalized processes we develop together with you an initial training that can take place in your premises or in Chisinau.

All the processing operations are registered and referenced in our internal workflow system in order to ensure an exhaustive processing of received information elements and a transparent reporting.